Custom Stamps

Custom stamps can be use as personalized signature stamp, address stamp, postage stamps, postcard stamp, return address stamp, self inking stamps,name stamp, artist signature stamp, name seal.

Custom Signature Stamps

Measuring approximately 0.3937" x 1.1811" or 0.7874" x 1.5748". This beautiful compact sized signature stamp combines both form and function. Custom made with love in the many country and adorned with your personal signature! We take the exact signature you provide and turn it into a stamp. We don't alter it in any way. Please make sure you provide a signature on plain white paper, no lines or shadows. These stamps are often used to sign checks, legal documents and other paperwork. Just don't let you kids use it on their report cards without you seeing them first!

A customized Stamp with your signature can save you time when you have large quantities of documents to add your signature to. Each stamp can make 1,000 crisp impressions before needing to re-ink the ink pad. Our inks are available in 5 different colors options. You can buy extra ink, too.

If you have any questions or issues with your stamp, don't hesitate to reach out to your exceptional customer service team who are ready and waiting to help. Rest assured with over 8yrs in the business, we want to make sure you enjoy your product and are satisfied with your purchase.

personalized signature stamp