Your Personal Greater bay Area Factory Tour Guide

Your Personal Greater bay Area Factory Tour Guide

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We specialize in factory visit arrangement, product sourcing and price negotiations.

Want to source Furniture, Lighting, Electronics, Apparel, Shoes, Toys, Machine, Equipment…?

As long as it’s made in Greater bay Area (Guangzhou, Shenzhen , Hongkong, Foshan, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Dongguang, Macau), we will find you the factory.


What We Provide

English-Chinese Translation


Transportation For Factory Visits


Comfortable Accommodation


Sightseeing Tours And Snacks


Let me walk you throgh the process if you choose our service:

①We give you a detailed itinerary based on your demand.

 We take care of your visa and pick you up at the airport. We take you to a nice hotel and the tour starts the next day. 

③A nice car will take you to factory along with your translator and an industry specialist who really understands your product. We can visit up to 3 factories a day.

④Our team members will be at your side all the time to handle communications, negotiations and all the triviality like cell service & payment method.

⑤When the factory tour is over, we can take you on some sightseeing tours and experience the authentic Chinese culture.

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