Guangzhou Zhongda Cloth Market——Professional cloth market

The Guangzhou Zhongda Cloth Market, located on Ruikang Road in Guangzhou, boasts over 4,000 stalls. Specializing in domestic and foreign fabrics, woolen yarns, and ready-made clothing accessories, it serves as a comprehensive wholesale and retail destination offering a wide range of products, from high-end to budget-friendly options, including fashionable fabrics.


Renowned for its competitive pricing, extensive variety, and adherence to the latest international trends, the market attracts a diverse clientele, including business professionals, clothing manufacturers, and consumers. Its popularity contributes significantly to enhanced efficiency and economic prosperity.

As a pivotal transit point in China's fabric trade, Guangzhou plays a crucial role in the fabric wholesale market. With the emergence of various textile wholesale markets in the Greater Bay Area, Guangzhou's fabric market has emerged as a leader, not only within the region but also in the broader Chinese market.

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