2024-8-4 American Las Vegas Consumer Products and Gifts Show ASD

2024 Las Vegas Consumer Goods and Gifts Show (ASD Market Week),

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exhibition time: August 04 to August 7, 2024,

exhibition location: Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center,

organizer: Emerald Expositions, holding cycle: twice a year, exhibition area: 64,738 square meters, exhibitors: 85,000 people, the number of exhibitors and participating brands reached 2,900.
The International Daily Consumer Goods and Gifts Exhibition (ASD MARKET WEEK) in Las Vegas, USA, is held every spring and autumn. It has been held for more than 200 times so far and is one of the largest daily consumer goods exhibitions in the United States.

The exhibition brings together all kinds of new products, daily consumer goods, and gifts. It represents the technological trends of related industries and the fashion trends of consumer goods. It is one of the most important circulation places for the distribution of daily consumer goods in the United States. It is held by major department stores and supermarkets in the United States. Markets and small and medium-sized chain stores will participate in the ASD exhibition every year to formulate purchasing plans and negotiate orders.

ASD is the main purchasing place for daily consumer goods and an important way to understand the fashion trends of daily consumer goods. According to incomplete statistics, more than 50,000 buyers visit the exhibition each time, especially in Las Vegas, which is divided into three parts. The exhibition has four exhibition areas: jewelry, imitation jewelry, sports and leisure, daily consumer goods and gifts. The entire exhibition is organized by Emerald Exposions.

The exhibition provides a rare opportunity for Chinese enterprises to strengthen technical exchanges with related foreign industries and introduce new products and new technologies. In addition, it also allows relevant enterprises to expand overseas markets and keep abreast of the demand for light industrial products and daily consumer goods in the United States and international markets. , places where gifts are needed.

Range of exhibition
Gifts: gifts, small handicrafts, souvenirs, travel products, pottery, wood products, iron products, copper products, textiles, paper and cards, marble, glass products, various toys, electronic gifts, various game products, etc.

Household products: home decorations, glassware, daily consumer goods, photo frames, tableware, kitchenware, table decorations, lamps, clocks, small appliances, wood products, plastic products, etc.

Bags and handbags: handbags, suitcases, storage boxes, sunglasses, etc.

Jewelry: gold and silver products, gemstones, precious stones, jade, coral gemstones, costume jewelry, etc.

Clothing/Accessories: Leather products, woven fabrics; earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.

Beauty: Cosmetics, perfume, personal care, SPA supplies, etc.

Electronic products: CD players, telescopes, photographic equipment, communication products, home appliances, electronic toys, etc.

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